Healthy Byte #27: Radical Cancer Remission

The Good Doctors share research findings from US based NY Times bestselling author, screenwriter, and producer Dr Kelly Turner, PhD. In ” The Secrets of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against  All the Odds”, Dr Turner spoke to people of all cultures from around the world who shared a similar story – a radical cancer remission. She discovered 9 radical lifestyle changes that all of  these individuals made to take control of their health. Listen in as Dr Michelle and Dr Ron discuss Dr Turner's findings while adding The Good Doctor wisdom.
Be informed. Take control of your health, BE WELL!
0.36 Introducing the author and her book: “Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All the Odds” by Dr Kelly Turner, PhD
o.58 Calculating conventional cancer prognosis and Turner's conversations with people with health outcomes that defied statistical convention.
1.54  Turner's studies of personal remission stories in her PhD found 9 distinctive radical lifestyle changes that these stories had in common.
2.25  No. 1 Radically change your diet
2.37  No. 2 Take control of your health (become an active member of your health team)
2.59  No. 3 Follow your intuition
3.48  Looking at intrinsic rather than extrinsic factors that impact on cancer treatment
4.48  No. 4 Herbs and supplements
5.25  No.5 Release suppressed emotions
5.32  No. 6 Increase positive emotions
5.44  The confusion between positivity and 'always being positive'
6.47  The importance of story, fearless listening and authentic interpretation
8.24  Link between cancer/cancer survival rates and pessimism
9.04  Dr Michelle recounts a story from the book; a woman with advanced breast cancer and how she used laughter to improve her life with the disease
11.27  No.7 Embracing social supports
12.32  Journal of Oncology reports on social networks, supports and cancer survival looking at isolation and the likelihood of disease progression
13.14  Story of Roseto shows the power of community as a proven element of positive health
14.13  No.8 Deepening your spiritual connection
15.43  No. 9 Having a strong reason for living
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Journal of Clinical; Oncology, “Social Networks, Social Support, and Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis”Candyce H. Kroenke, Laura D. Kubzansky, Eva S. Schernhammer, Michelle D. Holmes and Ichiro Kawachi
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