Healthy Byte #28: Nurturing the Mother-to-be

Maternal stress has a significant impact on foetal development, particularly in the first 12 weeks from conception. Overwork and high physical demands  on the mother are linked to low birth weight, anxiety and hypervigilance in infants.
Show Notes:
0.21 – Stress and self-care in the first trimester of pregnancy
0.32 – First Trimester = first 12 weeks from conception
0.44 – How the foetus is developing in this period
0.54 – Dr Michelle outlines common first trimester symptoms
1.01 – Dr Michelle cites University College in Dublin study about working full time and an increased risk of having a low birthweight baby/pre-term baby
1.44 – Brain change and hypervigilance
2.30 –  Important time for self-care
3.41 – Can you talk to your boss early?
5.48 – Celebrate the importance of early development
6.03 – How can partners help?
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