Healthy Byte #29: Book Club “The Diet Myth” by Professor Tim Spector

In this week's Healthy Byte, The Good Doctors share the groundbreaking work of Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College, London.  His book “The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat”  draws from his cutting edge research into diet, genetics and microbes. “The Diet Myth” will help you understand why you should eat diversely, treat your gut with the utmost respect, work out what works for you and how to avoid damage to your gut biome.
0.54  Introducing “The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat” by Tim Spector
1.24  Gut Microbiome is the pattern of gut bugs in our digestive system
2.05  Premise of the book is the significance of the diversity of our food intake
2.37  The differences in how individuals process foods is impacted significantly by the uniqueness of our gut biome
4.15  A person can only receive nutrients from the foods that their gut bacteria is able to break down
5.45  Junk food can dramatically reduce healthy gut microbes in only two days
6.2  Gut diversity is deficient compare to our ancestral past
6.4  Impact of antibiotics and the damage of the gut
8.35  What improves gut diversity?
8.54  Fasting and gut health
10.59  Australian advocate for biological farming, Dr Maaten Stapper
12.12  The Good Doctor's note the  take home messages and offer tips  gleaned from “The Diet Myth”
Meet the Author:
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“Effects of antibiotics on gut flora analysed”:
” How Your Microbiome Controls Your Health “by Dr Joseph Mercola:
“Western guts have lower bacterial diversity” by Bianca Nogrady
Taking Antibiotics Can Change the Gut Micro biome for Up to a Year:
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