Healthy Byte #30 – Revolutionizing Western Medicine

Inspired by  “Five Concepts That Will Revolutionise Western Medicine” an article by Dr Jeffery Bland, the Father of Functional Medicine, The Good Doctors discuss his five plus revolutionary concepts and how a holistic, systems biology approach will be the future of medicine. The responsibility of doctors and practitioners is, not only to treat disease, but to teach people about health.
o.22 Introduction: “Five Concepts That Will Revolutionise Western Medicine” by Dr Jeffery Bland
0.59  Medicine is an art form that integrates science and technology with age old wisdom
1.57  Concept 1 – Functional Medicine – the difference between Functional medicine and Integrative medicine
3.57 Integrating the science and technology of medicine with our own individual story
4.28 The importance of biochemistry
4.37  Concept 2 – P4 Medicine
5.10 Being an active participant in your own health
7.10  Huntington’s Chorea gene and the impact of vigorous exercise
7.45 Concept 3 – Systems Biology  – the importance of looking at the whole person
9.51 Concept 4- The Quantified Self
12.00 Concept 5 – Personal Lifestyle Medicine
14.09 Making sure we are our own advocate
15.50 The proven  efficacy of lifestyle medicine
16.38 Medicine is life and life is your medicine
“Five Concepts That Will Revolutionize Western Medicine” by Dr Jeffery Bland

Dr Jeffery Bland,

Functional Medicine
” Cutting-edge genetics circles back to traditional medicine, says expert. Science can now confirm individual differences observed by practitioners of ancient techniques, says Jeffrey Bland” by By Erin Ellis of the  Vancouver Sun
Biochemistry in Action. The Good Doctors interview Nutritional Biochemist, Libby Weaver.
What Would the Best Medicine Look Like? Watch for Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine, for a response to this question.
12 TED Talks about the Future of Medicine
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