Healthy Byte # 32 Bookclub – “Sapiens – A Brief History of Human Kind”

For all of our history, homo sapiens have had a dramatic impact on the environment.   The elevation of the individual has disconnected man from nature and this is not sustainable. This book reminds us of our insignificance. Contemplating our insignificance is a powerful healing tool to humble our individual selves, our small part in this incredible world that we live in and to connect us back to millions of years of history. In his book, Harari is asking us to consider this ancient world, what has gone before us and the impact of our species upon nature and history.
0. 35  Sapiens – a brief history of human kind by Yuval Noah Harare, Israeli historian
1.22  The Cognitive Revolution
1.42  Era defined by Sapiens ability to communicate and to share imagined realities
4.30 Did we domesticate wheat and cattle or did they domesticate us?
4.45  Hunters and gatherers  – higher food diversity
5.44  The fraud of progress and the detriment of well being
6.23  Hunter gatherer's kinship with nature compared to farmers
7.05  Farmer's anxiety about the future; discomfort with the uncertainty of nature
8.03  The discovery of ignorance – prior to this myths and religion had explained almost everything
9.14  Is science asking the right questions?
9.56 The reductionist influence of Rene Descartes on scientific thinking
11.09 Sapiens; we believe that we can survive separately from nature
12.01  Reliance on family and community vs reliance on state and market to provide
13.43  Stress and disconnection –  social connection may be in our DNA
17.40 The elevation of the individual is unsustainable
18.20  Healing benefits of considering our insignificance
What is Dualism?
Humility and insignificance:
Social isolation John T. Cacioppo,1 Louise C. Hawkley,1 Greg J. Norman,1 and Gary G. Berntson2:
Sapiens – A Brief History of Humankind, an overview:
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