Healthy Bytes # 26: Cancer, Survival & Exercise

This Healthy Bytes episode with Dr Ron Ehrlich and Dr Michelle Woolhouse takes a factual, general, holistic, conventional, olden-days and up-to-date look at  exercise and cancer care, then wraps it all up neatly with simple take-home messages and tips to help you, and yours, integrate appropriate exercise into your life to maximise your chances for cancer recovery, prevention and remission. The message is simple and clear.
1:00: 16% of colorectal cancers are due to inactivity.
1.34: The importance of exercise as cancer therapy.
2.45: We were not designed to be sedentary; movement stimulates Brain Derived Neurotropic, Factor BDFN, helps to grow new tissues in the brain.
3.39: Recommending incidental movement and decreasing passive past times.
4.36: Study showing that 4 hours of TV watching a day before and after cancer diagnosis increases chances of mortality by 20%.
4.57: The value of pedometers.
6.49: Want to know how to decrease your risk of breast and colon cancer by 40-60%?
7.43: Good, simple exercise as defined by Dr Michelle.
8.51: The Framingham Study's recommendations for exercise and  health; an excellent read.
Like Studies: Read this: “Exercise in Cancer” by P. Rajarajeswaran and R. Vishnupriya
Everyone Respects the WHO:
World Health Organisation Cancer Fact Sheet:
Brain Cell Growth and Exercise: “8 Ways To Increase BDNF Levels (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor)”
How to Use a Pedometer:
“Don't Just Sit There”: a guide to creating a dynamic workstation and more.
The Framingham Study:
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