A Breakthrough to a New Way of Dental Practice and Patient Healthcare

Join in for two focused days of discovery…Dr Ron Ehrlich

  • Broaden your scope as a dentist and as a health practitioner
  • Improve the health outcomes for your patients and yourself
  • Grow your dental and healthcare practice
  • Gain a better work/life balance for yourself

Dr Ron Ehrlich – Holistic Dentist and Healthcare Educator

Dr Ron Ehrlich has been instrumental in leading the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre to become a pioneering practice of Holistic Health principles. In this two-day course, Dr Ron shares how he has done that and the principles and systems that have built that success.

It is well-known that many dentists live stressful lives, and their dental practice too often has a negative impact on their own health and personal life.

Chronic disease (physical and mental) is at epidemic proportions and oral health has a significant role to play in helping achieve health and wellness. All of the issues which affect our patients’ health are arguably, even more relevant to us as dentists, dental therapist and hygienists.

This is a course which will affect our patients’ health as well as our own.

Your Opportunity to Learn a New Way to Practice

Now Dr Ron is sharing with you these empowering principles and the specific systems that have grown his practice. You can break through to achieving your own desired success with a new understanding of Holistic Health through dentistry.

Whilst there has never been a more challenging time to be a dentist, there has also never been more exciting opportunities to engage in people’s health. What defines the difference in your practice?

This course shares the learnings of over 35 years of clinical practice, research and personal experience to deliver simple and effective methods to transform how you approach and practice dentistry and healthcare.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  • Any dentist who wants to work more effectively and efficiently in their practice
  • Any dentist looking for a fresh approach in their practice, using the principles of Holistic Health for better patient outcomes
  • Any health practitioner who wants to deliver more value to their patients with a holistic view of how oral health affects a person’s overall health

The Role of Oral Health

The significant role of oral health in peoples’ overall health is becoming more apparent to many health practitioners and the public alike.  People ranging in age from 20-80 are now focusing more on their health than ever before, and when properly informed, are quite literally putting their money where their mouth is, reaping the many health benefits of that experience.

Are you ready to accept a new challenge?

Two-Day Program: Designed to Transform Your Practice

Day 1 – Developing a Patient-Centred Practice

  1. Practice profile breakthrough – refine the philosophy of what your practice looks like. How many days a week do you work? How many weeks a year you work? What you enjoy about your practice and what you would like to achieve.
  2. 10 top priorities for your practice – and how to implement them.
  3. How to develop a mission statement that becomes a real guiding principle for you and your staff.
  4. Integrating the concepts of oral health and general health. How to incorporate these principles to improve your efficiency, deliver positive patient outcomes and create a healthy and sustainable work/life balance.
  5. Explore six important subclinical defects common to all diseases – and visible in the mouth
  6. How to run a patient-centred practice and have the physical, mental and emotional energy to engage with your patient’s broader health needs.
  7. How nutritional stress and improved nutrition can impact oral health. How to implement this core understanding for better clinical results and higher levels of satisfaction for patients – and yourself
  8. How to understand and use the Stress Model, and Health Model to guide your practice and ongoing skill development.

Dr Ron Ehrlich Stress Model and Health Model

Day 2 – Exploring the ‘Dental Stress’ component of the stress model of health

  1. Bio-Chemical Dental Stress

The mouth is the site of the two most common infections in humans –tooth decay and gum disease.

Patients are becoming very well-informed and come with challenging questions and high expectations. How can you respond to them?

Chronic inflammation is the common link between oral health and general health. What are the implications, and how can you manage this in practice?

Explore the Holistic Dental Perspective…

  • Tooth decay
  • The root canal issue – how do you respond to your patient’s question: “are root canals safe?”
  • Gingival and periodontal disease – more than just brushing and flossing
  • Jaw bone infections
  • Biocompatibility of restorative materials (review protocols for removing mercury amalgam)
  • Fluoride: both water fluoridation and topical application
  1. Bio-Mechanical Dental Stress

How to develop a holistic approach within your practice to deal with nutritional, medical and structural issues as well as oral health related sleep disorders.

Explore the Holistic Dental Perspective…

  • Craniofacial development – and its impact on the upper airway, breathing, sleeping and posture
  • Nasal breathing vs Mouth breathing – what are the implications to body chemistry, posture, upper respiratory disorders, a good night’s sleep to name just a few. Explore simple, yet powerful techniques to offer your patients to improve their sleep
  • What is an ideal occlusion and what is its significance? Effective tools to deal with these issues
  • The significance of a clicking jaw joint, musculoskeletal pains (headaches, neck aches, jaw pain TMJ dysfunction). How to incorporate structural and nutritional changes to deal with these issues
  • Bruxism and useful tools to deal with this potentially destructive dental issue
  • A systematic approach, plus the use of various appliances to deal with chronic pain disorders and sleep-disordered breathing conditions. These have the potential to take over your practice, for better or for worse!
  • Simple appliances and management tools to leverage your skills and your team in your practice.
  • How to utilise outside resources to support positive holistic patient outcomes.

Great Value Course Materials and Follow-Up Support

All Participants Receive…

1. Course materials 

  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Sample mission statement
  • Sample new patient exam forms (including soft copy to customise)
  • Customised patient information sheets and protocols for simple techniques to ‘define the difference’ of your practice (including soft copy to adapt to your needs)

2. Marketing Smarts 

  • Dr Ron will share with you his value-pack of ideas and marketing reference materials that give reality to a Dental practice based on Holistic Health principles

3. Connect with Dr Ron

Dr Ron is committed to you getting maximum value from the course for the long-term and generously shares ongoing support.

  • You will have 6 months’ access to Ron via email for any follow-up questions you have after the course
  • A one-on-one phone, online or in-person session with Dr Ron to discuss your implementation of what you learn in the course

Program Presenter: Dr Ron Ehrlich

Presented in an interactive format by Dr Ron Ehrlich, this program, based on best educational practices.

Dr Ron Ehrlich B.D.S (Syd Uni) FACNEM (Dent)ron2

Over 35 years of clinical practice in the Sydney CBD, Dr Ron Ehrlich has developed his health model of how stress affects our health; breaking stress down to emotional, environmental, nutritional, postural and dental stressors. While focusing on sleep, breathe and nourish to build resilience in patients for better health outcomes. The model has shaped Dr Ron’s keynotes, lectures, educational programs, and podcasts both locally and internationally.

Program Relevance to Professional  Practice

Oral health is a significant contributor to the burden of disease in Australia, with oral diseases among the most common and costly to our society. Oral conditions are the third highest cause of preventable hospital admissions, with more than 63,000 Australians hospitalised each year.1 National expenditure in Australia on oral health ranks second highest after cardiovascular disease at $8.3 billion (2012–13). (RACGP – OH16)

Oral health is important, and yet this is an often overlooked aspect of a patients’ general health. Over 90% of the adult population have some form of gingivitis; over 45% of adults have periodontitis rising to over 70% in those 65 years and older; more than 90% of adults 20-64 years old have had some decay in their permanent teeth; over 90% of the population have insufficient space for all 32 teeth they have evolved to have affected the space available in the upper airway.

An understanding of common dental infections and malocclusion (narrow jaw and crowded teeth) and their impact on general health is important for all health professionals. This program will explore a holistic approach to the many links between oral health and general health.

Program Dates and Registration

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London: Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 September

Sydney: Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 November 2017 



60 Margaret St,
Sydney NSW 2000.


440 Collins St,
Melbourne VIC 3000


Radisson Blu Edwardian Hampshire Hotel
31-36 Leicester Square
London  WC2H 7LH


Course Investment:

All fees include course notes and lunch.

Dentists:                                           $1500   |    £800
Dental Hygienists/Therapists:     $750     |    £400
Health Practitioners:                    $650      |    £370

Program Accreditation

This Active Learning Program has been approved for CPE Points

Total Points: 16 Category I points

What Others Say…

Feedback from other health practitioners:

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but with this excellent & valuable course, it appears obvious that the mouth is the gateway to the body!” ~ Dr Ross Walker, Cardiologist

“There is so much to learn about the body as a whole from looking in a person’s mouth. The information in this course is the missing link, as very little about dentistry is taught in medical school, and as you often say, there is so much neurology in the mouth, it is a goldmine of information that the GP can use to help deliver better overall care to their patients” ~ Dr Michelle Woolhouse, GP

I think regular GPs will be surprised at the depth of the content and the relevance and usefulness to their practice” Dr Debbie Fewtrell, GP

GPs need to know this for the sake of their patients. This will do to the GPs what reading Weston A Price’s book did for me for sure – open their eyes!” Dr John Thorsell Iltriago, GP

“Excellent learning objectives. What you are offering though is not just ‘wellness’ in the soft sense of the word but real and tangible impacts on all causes of morbidity and mortality in chronic diseases.”  Dr Christabelle Yeoh GP.

More Info: Please keep me in touch about Dr Ron’s Programs.


  • Thanks and congratulations on your workshop. It will take its place in the future among the most relevant and popular on the ‘circuit’, I have no doubt.”

    Dr.Pual V.Nichols
  • I would like to sincerely thank you for your insightful presentation. It was an amazingly successful event from our perspective.
    The comments after the talk were ‘applicable and practical’, ‘incredibly knowledgeable presenter’, ‘fun and informative’ and ‘nice guy’. Your passion for the topic truly shone through.”

    Teresa Mitchell-Paterson, Head of Academic Studies
  • As you know I am big believer and proponent of the holistic view of the patient. GPs need to know this for the sake of their patients. This will do to the GPs what reading Weston A Price’s book did for me for sure – open their eyes!

    Dr John Thorsell Itriago


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