Podcasting for Good Health

Dr. Ron Ehrlich has shared his enthusiasm for good health for many years – and in recent times has been an active podcaster. From 2013-2015 Dr Ron  was the co-host of the award winning The Good Doctors with over 150 episodes, exploring a broad range of topics from soil to plate, the connections between mind and body and the role of nutritional and environmental on the health of individuals and the planet.

Having spent 2016 writing his book, A Life Less Stressed, which will be published by Scribe (Aust & UK) in 2017, it’s time to flesh out those themes of the politics of healthcare, an integrated approach to chronic disease and health, redefining the stressors of our modern world and exploring the pillars of health to build resilience and be the best we can be.

Coming soon – a brand new Podcast – Unstress

ron2Now Dr. Ron is at work on his new podcast, Unstress, launching in April 2017 – featuring his pioneering work on the impacts of stress in its many forms. And more importantly how to build resilience and be the best you can be.

Ron shares his model of how stress affects our health; breaking stress down to emotional, environmental, nutritional, postural and dental stressors. Dr. Ron draws on his keynotes, lectures, educational programs and previous podcasting reputation both locally and internationally.

Through his network of engaging and knowledgeable health professionals, this podcast promises to share with you new and time-tested principles and breakthroughs for your good health. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, listen in to some recent episodes of Dr. Ron’s podcast, The Good Doctors – co-hosted with Dr. Michelle Woolhouse…

The Good Doctors Podcast