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How many hours did you sleep last night?

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Did you wake up feeling refreshed?

3 / 17

Was it easy for you to fall asleep?

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Do you wake through the night (last night)?

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This morning, did you wake up with dry lips, a dry mouth or a sore throat?

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Did you experience any headaches, neck aches or jaw pain when you woke this morning?

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Today, did you have crave sweet or sugary food?

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How many alcoholic drinks did you have yesterday?

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How many cups of water did you have yesterday (a cup of water is equal to 250mL)?

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How many cups of coffee, tea (non-herbal) or caffeinated drinks did you drink today?

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How much exercise did you do yesterday?

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At what level of intensity did you exercise?

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Did you fit in 10,000 steps yesterday?

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How many hours do you think you have been sitting (e.g. getting to and from work, meal times, at your desk or watching TV) today?

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Did you take some time yesterday to focus on being calm, mindful or meditiating?

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Did you feel engaged in what you did yesterday e.g. your job or your day's activity?

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How would you rate your day yesterday?

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