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Good Byte 1: A Climate Tipping Point

…explore what ‘stress’ and ‘holistic’ actually means in our modern world Green Byte 1 – A Climate Tipping Point Welcome to the first Good Byte episode. This short episode raises topics I feel are important and relevant to all of us. In this episode I’m discussing the climate tipping point we are currently facing in […]

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Unstress 2020: Episode 1: Dr Ron Ehrlich

…explore what ‘stress’ and ‘holistic’ actually means in our modern world Unstress 2020: Episode 1: Dr Ron Ehrlich Welcome back to Unstress for 2020, in this first episode I lay out the plan for the year. It is clear we have reached a tipping point in our world and communities where some serious change needs […]

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Why You Need to Consider Your EMF Exposure

WHY YOU NEED TO CONSIDER YOUR EMF EXPOSURESo often when we face health challenges we are quick to look at medications we should be on, supplements we should take or dietary changes we should make. Something that we may not consider though is our physical environment. There are many elements in our environment that can […]

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Charlie Arnott – Dominating or Enabling Nature?

…explore what ‘stress’ and ‘holistic’ actually means in our modern world Charlie Arnott joins me to discuss one of the most important topics relating to the health of our planet and our own health – regenerative agriculture. We discuss holistic land management and the important role it plays in our environment. We know that nutrient-dense […]

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‘Game Changers’: The Other Side of the Debate

‘Game Changers’: The Other Side of the DebateYou may have heard of a new documentary – Game Changers, which promotes a plant-based approach to eating. The film follows former professional mixed martial artist and military combat instructor James Wilks as he discovers and begins to research plant-based diets. We are introduced to several athletes touting […]

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How to Explore and Embrace Hunger

How to Explore and Embrace HungerWe have become very in-tune with our paleo past, with increasing numbers of people consuming foods that have sustained us for millions of years. However, there is an important part of our ancestral past that is rarely discussed. That is dealing with hunger and scarcity. One of the main challenges […]

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