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Dr Ron Ehrlich – Unstress: The Year in Review (2018)

…explore what ‘stress’ and ‘holistic’ actually means in our modern world As we come to the last episode of the year I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on 2018 and the wonderful guests we have had on Unstress. This year on Unstress we’ve covered topics such as sleep, nutrition, environmental issues, regenerative agriculture, […]

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022 Aaron Mckenzie – Movement: The Origin of Energy

 Aaron Mckenzie from Origin of Energy joins me to talk about exercise, functional movement, and your wellbeing. We chat about how an exercise program needs to be anti-fragile to build resilience into your life. The importance of hydration and quality salt. The role of nutrition in any wellbeing program and how having a strong […]

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Mark Ninio – Think On Your Feet

Chronic pain is a huge problem globally, in Australia alone, 3.2 million people suffer from chronic pain. But what is a holistic view of pain and is the pain in your shoulders connected to your feet? Podiatrist Mark Ninio joins me to discuss these connections and also define what is normal foot function. Download the […]

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