A Life Less Stressed

A Life Less Stressed


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“Dr Ron makes clear how adopting a simple, chemical free, less profit-driven approach to life would be better for everyone. Better economically, better socially, better for our Health and better for our stress levels.”
Dr Carole Hungerford, author of Good Health in the 21st Century & integrative medical practitioner.

“Thoroughly researched and thought-provoking… Dr Ehrlich’s five pillars are the real key to reducing the ongoing carnage from a modern disease that has strained and almost broken our current inappropriately named ‘health system’. “

Dr Ross Walker – author, cardiologist and host of national radio program Healthy Living.

“Ron Ehrlich is one of those experts I want to drill-down on and extract as much information as possible, as his knowledge is encyclopaedic! A Life Less Stressed offers a truly comprehensive look into every aspect of our wellbeing.”

Deborah Hutton – author, television presenter, magazine editor, ambassador, entrepreneur & speaker.