The Five Pillars to Health eCourse

The Five Pillars to Health eCourse


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  • You want to take control of your own health, build resilience and be the best you can be.
  • You’re struggling with the everyday pace of life and you need help resetting.
  • You want to lose weight, once and for all – no fad diets required!
  • You’re looking for motivation and a sense of community to reach your health goals.
  • You want to learn about mindfulness; what it is, how to do it and ways to implement it in your life.
  • You’re ready to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.
  • You’re struggling with sleep and you need failsafe tools on how to get the best night’s sleep every time.
  • You’re confused about all the misinformation and you want clear answers!


As part of this five-week course, you’ll receive:

  • Weekly Facebook Live (will be recorded) with Dr Ron – reviewing the week, additional info and opening it to Q & A.
  • Weekly emails from Dr Ron to help guide you on your health journey.
  • Recipe ideas and nutritional guidance to support your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Downloadable Resources, checklists and tasks, which focus on key points within each pillar.
  • Weekly educational videos from Dr Ron, introducing each Pillar of Health.
  • An all-access pass to the course platform and forum for 5 weeks where you will be supported through the whole course by Dr Ron and other participants.



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