Unstress & Simply Be Well – Think eBook

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While it is often said ‘you are what you eat’, it is also becoming clear that ‘how and what you think’ has an equally dramatic impact on your health, your wellbeing, and, ultimately, your happiness. Building mental and emotional resilience to deal with the stresses of our modern world will impact your ability to nourish, move, breathe and sleep in a way that serves your body. This eBook will allow you to harness the incredible healing powers of your own body and mind through mindfulness.


What this eBook includes:

  • Learn how to value and nurture relationships to reduce emotional stress
  • Learn how to do an audit of how you spend your time.
  • Understand how technology can impact our mental health and implement strategies to mediate this.
  • Interactive breathing animations to help you manage your breath and your mindset.
  • Ways to practice gratitude and daily acts of kindness.


“I never understood the power of my mindset until now.” – Jamie

“I have experimented with mediation but this eBook really cemented my practice” – Ellen

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