Unstress: Simply Be Well Outline

Join Dr Ron in this interactive, empowering and practical workshop as he:

  • Reveals why health messages are so confusing and often contradictory
  • Outlines the five stressors that break our health down
  • Explores the five pillars that build our health back up to personally empower you to better health and wellness

Workshop Summary

The first step in achieving health and wellness is accepting that you are in control and that you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing.

In this workshop, I dissect health messages and then draw on lessons from our human past to deliver simple guidelines to place you firmly in control of your own health and wellbeing.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

  • PART 1: Why are health messages confusing?
  • PART 2: Stress
  • PART 3: Pillars of health


This workshop provides a broad understanding of health, providing you with specific actions empowering you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

PART 1: Why are health messages confusing?

Health messages are confusing, frustrating and often contradictory. There is a whole health industry offering opinions and advice that waiting to “embrace” us as the consumer.

An understanding of where health messages are coming from is a key to achieving good health.


PART 2: Stress – breaking it down

Stress implicates health, wellness and disease, but how do we define “stress” and how else does it affect us?

I break stress down into five components:

  • Emotional stress – thoughts are things which contribute to our health and disease
  • Environmental stress – we are exposed to thousands of chemical and environ mental toxins everyday that can impact on our health
  • Postural stress– the way we walk, work and sleep can have far reaching affect on our health.
  • Nutritional stress – let food be thy medicine. Clearing up the confusion about nutrition
  • Dental stress – tooth decay, disease, inflammation and toxic dental fillings such as amalgam can contribute to high levels of dental stress

I then provide you with an understanding of what these stressors actually are, and a model for how to deal with them.

This section of the presentation provides you with a blueprint for understanding and managing stress which is the foundation for the health and wellness of you and your family.

Deep dive into Dental stress


In this section, we go into more detail about dental stress and what you can do about it.

Did you know?

  • As the gateway to the respiratory system ( breathing) and the digestive system (nourishing) the shape and health of the oral cavity are vital, to how well we sleep, breathe and eat
  • As the site of the bodies 2 most common infections, gum disease and tooth decay, there are connections between oral health and general health like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a whole range of other conditions. Many health practitioners often overlook this.
  • 95% of the population do not have enough room for all the teeth that we have evolved to have. This may predispose you to a narrow airway and result in sleeping, breathing and postural problems
  • That some dental materials have potential toxicity such as Mercury which is still present in many peoples’ mouths.
  • Clenching or grinding your teeth at night is a reflection of disordered breathing and is often overlooked in treatments of chronic tension headaches and neck aches.

PART 3: Wellness – building you up

There are 5 pillars to simply be well, which form the foundation of health and wellness, and allow you to be the best you can be;

  • Breathe well
  • Sleep well
  • Nourish well
  • Move well
  • Think well

This section is about personal empowerment. I will provide you the tools to take control of your health and be the best that you can be.