World Localisation Day 2022

World Localisation Day 2022

In honour of World Localisation Day, we published a special Unstress podcast with Helena Norberg Hodge, a returning guest.

Helena is one of my favourite people and someone who inspires me much. Her organisation, Local Futures, has been around for nearly four decades.

What goes on in our local community, how we connect both with people and with food, how supply chains get short, and how we can improve not just our personal lives but the lives of our communities and the health of the planet.

Earlier this week, we released a podcast where we spoke about what’s going on in our local neighbourhood, how we connect with people and food, how supply chains become short, and how we may enhance not just our personal lives but also the lives of our communities and the planet’s health.

Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution

A film by the international NGO, Local Futures, shows a quiet and transformative revolution emerging worldwide.

Watch the trailer below:

Watch the full film below:

Away from the screens of the mainstream media, the crude ‘bigger is better’ narrative that has dominated economic thinking for centuries is being challenged.

As people work to protect and restore their local economies, their communities and the natural world, countless diverse initiatives are demonstrating a new path forward for humanity.

It’s a path that localizes rather than globalizes, connects rather than separates, and shows us that human beings need not be the problem – we can be the solution.

Featuring activists from every continent alongside figures like Russell Brand, Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Naomi Klein, Jane Goodall and Gabor Maté, Planet Local: A Quiet Revolution is a timely and compelling call to action.

For more information, visit their website below:

The film’s official release date is June 21, which is World Localization Day. At 8 pm New York Time on that day, Joanna Macy and Jeremy Lent will be joining me for an online panel discussion. Here are the details.