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Hi, I am Dr Ron Ehrlich or "Dr Ron". I am a holistic health advocate, dentist, educator, podcaster and an internationally published author. I’ve empowered 1000s of individuals to take control of their health to be the best they can be. 

Ultimately, I want you to live a life less stressed. I've developed a health model that outlines the impact of stress on health and simplifies confusing health messages. 

My book and online program provide simple strategies for you to live a healthier life. This is all built on over 40 years of clinical experience, backed by science and is a reflection of my own personal journey through life. 

There are four ways that I can help you. Which would you like help with?

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Health and wellness book

A Life Less Stressed

The five pillars of health and wellness

My book is written from over 40 years of experience to help you understand why public health messages are often confusing and contradictory. It defines stress in our modern world and provides you with simple tools and strategies to take control of your health.

Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich - The Podcast

This is a podcast to:

  • empower you to take control of your own health
  • build physical, mental, and emotional resilience to deal with the health challenges we face in our modern world.
  • learn information that is free of vested interests
  • provide health strategies to help you be the best you can be

Recent Podcasts

HEALTHY BITE | A Lesson in Holistic Healthcare

Download Transcript A Lesson in Holistic Healthcare Well, this week, we had the pleasure of talking to Dr Sanjeev Gupta. And Sandeep is practising in southern Queensland south on the Gold Coast. He is a holistic, integrative medical practitioner, and I just so enjoyed talking to him.  We covered so many interesting topics, and I

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Dr Sandeep Gupta: A Holistic Approach To Healthcare

Dr Sandeep Gupta: A Holistic Approach To Healthcare

We’ve noted before that chronic inflammation is the common denominator among all diseases. Today, we’ll dig deeper into that topic, taking it to a level that impacts a wide spectrum of disease states: cardiovascular disease. We touch on one, but we also go into great detail about early COVID prevention and treatment. Chronic inflammation is the key, regardless of the condition. And today’s guest is a prominent expert in this field in Australia.

My guest today is Dr Sandeep Gupta.
Sandeep graduated from University of Queensland in 1999. Since then he has served in a range of public and private hospitals as a cardiology, medical and anesthetic registrar.

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HEALTHY BITE | Reviewing the 5 Cycles of Regenerative Agriculture

Did you know that with regenerative agriculture, instead of 500 years, we can grow soil one or two inches and a half centimetres in three to five years? Regenerative Agriculture is a theme we explore on the podcast recently.

This week was an opportunity to reconnect with Christos. His ideas are quite fascinating, and I admire how he incorporates natural materials and takes a holistic approach to it.

Join me as we review the 5 cycles of regenerative agriculture by Charles Massey, the difference between set stocking and regenerative agriculture, and so much more.

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Dr Christos Miliotis: A Blueprint for Cooling Our Blue Planet

Dr Christos Miliotis: A Blueprint for Cooling Our Blue Planet

In this Unstress episode, we welcome back Dr Christos Miliotis. 

Dr Christos has been exploring strategies to draw down greenhouse gases from the sky to soil for 17 years, with a particular focus on the role of microbes in building the soil carbon sponge and drawing in more water vapour from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil.

In this fascinating discussion, Christo sheds light on the importance of soil bacteria and the diverse organisms that reside within them. 

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Client Testimonials


I would like to sincerely thank you for your insightful presentation. It was an amazingly successful event from our perspective. The comments after the talk were ‘applicable and practical’, ‘incredibly knowledgeable presenter’, ‘fun and information’ and ‘nice guy’. Your passion for the topic truly shone through. 

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

Head of Academic Studies. Australasian College of Natural Therapies


I just wanted to contact you to let you know that I really enjoyed your talk at the wellness summit (it was definitely the most entertaining)! I really appreciated the chance to talk to you in the break also. I think you should run for PM! Or maybe health minister – I could imagine the change you could make (more than you already are). Thanks again. 

Jane McLeod

The Wellness Summit, Melbourne


Thanks and congratulations on your workshop. It will take its place in the future among the most relevant and popular on the ‘circuit’, I have no doubt.

Dr. Paul V. Nichols Macquarie

St Sydney. NSW