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In an era defined by the rapid exchange of goods, services, and information across borders, the concept of globalisation has been both a boon and a bane for economies worldwide. While it has paved the way for advancements in technology, communication, and intercultural exchange, globalisation has also posed significant challenges to local economies, altering the

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My guest today is Professor Frédéric Leroy. Working in bio-engineering Sciences and Applied Biological Science, Frédéric’s research in the field of food science and (bio)technology is astounding.

Frédéric’s work primarily deals with many ecological aspects and functional roles of bacterial communities in (fermented) foods, with a focus on the role of animal products in the diet.

In our conversation, we discussed the politics behind nutrition, the EAT-Lancet Diet, the great reset, World Economic Forum, regenerative agriculture, and so much more.

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Terry is an internationally acclaimed teacher and has worked in research, extension and property management in both government and private sectors for almost 55 years.

In his research era, Terry published over 40 papers and made several world-first discoveries in the 1980s in the fields of bull fertility, ruminant nutrition and pasture ecology. Terry co-founded RCS over 35 years ago which has set the benchmark for capacity building in rural and regional Australia. He is responsible for the introduction of the GrazingforProfit™ School into Australia which now has over 8,000 graduates and has changed grazing, livestock and business management nationally. Terry has chaired the Australian Beef Expo, has sat on numerous advisory committees and has been nominated for many awards.

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Charles Massy is an Australian fifth-generation farmer, a scientist, an author, an advocate, and a leading pioneer in the regenerative agriculture movement.

Charles is among the scientists who believe we have entered a new geological epoch, the life-threatening Anthropocene, where human impact has permanently altered the Earth’s geology and sustaining systems, causing ecological destruction and extinction of species.

His contribution to the regenerative agriculture movement has been widely praised and he is one of Australia’s most important voices making an impact in farming communities.

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David E McCarty MD FAASM attended medical school at Duke University, and completed an internship and residency in Internal Medicine in Boston, at Massachusetts General Hospital. He began his career practising primary care, but after a handful of years in practice, he followed his own white rabbit into a whole new world called Sleep Medicine.

Dr McCarty learned the art from the great Dr Andrew Chesson (world-class physician, and past president of the AASM). While at LSU, Dr McCarty won some teaching awards, published a few papers, and it’s also where he developed the Five Finger Approach, which has remained the cornerstone of his teaching about patient-centred problem-solving, to this day, and is featured as the pinnacle for orienteering around the Isle.

In addition to patient care and academic endeavours, Dr McCarty has had plenty of experience as a public speaker at regional and national meetings throughout his career.
He retired from the practice of clinical medicine in 2021, to devote his energy to patient education.

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Sleep is your built-in non-negotiable life support system. It’s free. It’s accessible. Its effects are profound on your physical, mental and emotional health, and you cannot hear that often enough.

This week, we revisited sleep, as we often do. And I do not believe (and I know a lot about sleep), but I don’t think you can talk about it often enough because it’s like tapping a hoop along. You’ve got to keep that hoop going by paying attention to it, being vigilant, and just developing excellent sleeping habits.

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