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Dr Ron Ehrlich

Dr Ron is one of Australia’s leading holistic health practitioners, educators and a dentist. For over 45 years he has explored the many connections between oral health and general health, and the impact of stress on our health and wellbeing. Dr Ron has fellowship in nutritional and environmental medicine for over 20 years. He is a qualified integrative breathing training therapist, allowing him to deeply explore many sleep problems. Dr Ron combines his years of clinical experience with his extensive knowledge in nutritional and environmental medicine to offer patients his unique health coaching services.

Sofie Ehrlich

Sofie is a Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach. Sofie has developed a deep understanding of how it feels to be the patient, having experienced and overcome several of her own health challenges including digestive, hormonal, fertility,  autoimmune, weight issues and CIRS. This lived experience combined with her clinical experience means Sofie focuses on empowering clients with the education and knowledge they need to take control of their own health. Sofie removes the confusion around health and focuses on simple and sustainable changes for big impact.

How we can help you

We create individualised solutions to address your specific health challenges. 

Health Coaching

A personalised and supportive partnership that empowers individuals to make positive and sustainable changes in their health. Health coaching is your guide to taking control of your health and being the best you can be. 

Nutritional Support 

Nutrition advice is confusing and often contradictory. At Unstress Health we are all about making it simple and practical so you can achieve your health goals quicker.  

DNA Testing

Discover your genetic predispositions and receive personalised health recommendations around optimal diet, fitness, supplements and prevention strategies. 

Sleep Assessments

Sleep is the foundation of health and good sleep is key. We offer sleep assessments that are non-invasive providing a detailed view of your sleep, respiration, blood oxygenation, and movement during sleep.  

Book Online 

Dr Ron Ehrlich




+ add on the option of genetic testing for $250

+ 6 month access to Unstress Health membership

Dr Ron Ehrlich

DNA Test &



includes DNA testing and 90min consult


Sofie Ehrlich

Personalised Meal Plans

$250 - $400

If you know the why and what of your nutrition but need help with the how then this option is for you. Click below and select services to learn more.


Dr Ron Ehrlich


Follow Up


+ add on the option of genetic testing for $250

+ 6 month access to Unstress Health membership

Dr Ron Ehrlich

Sleep Study & Consult


Includes device sent to your home, sleep reports over 4 consecutive nights and a 30min consult to discuss results and recommendations.



Free 15min Call

No obligation phone call with Dr Ron Ehrlich to understand if Health Coaching is right for you and your health goals. 


Dr Ron Ehrlich


Follow up


+ add on the option of genetic testing for $250

+ 6 month access to Unstress Health membership

Sofie Ehrlich

Nutrition Consult



Receive personalised dietary and nutrition advice based on your health history, contributing factors and current health goals.  



Free Workplace Wellbeing Consult

Find out how Unstress Health can optimise the health of your employees. 




Bookings are taken through the HealthBank website. When you select an appointment type you will be asked to sign up for a HealthBank account, or if you already have an account you will be asked to log in to finalize your booking. If it is your first time signing up to HealthBank then you will need to click on the 'Confirm my email address' button in an email sent to you. You will then be guided through the next steps on HealthBank to secure your appointment. For more information on your HealthBank account please click here


Payment is managed through HealthBank with your credit card securely kept on file through them. When you book a consultation that is scheduled more than one day in advance, your credit card is kept on file. It will then be charged 24hrs before your consultation is scheduled to start. When you book a consultation that is scheduled within the next 24hrs, your credit card is immediately charged. For more on HealthBank's payment process please click here


Currently all appointments are done online or via telephone. Online appointments are conducted through the HealthBank website with their video system. You will receive a confirmation email with link to the video for the time of appointment. The best browser to use is Chrome or Firefox for the appointment. iOS devices should use Safari.

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24hr cancellation policy. Any cancellations that occur 24hrs or more before the scheduled time are able to be cancelled or rescheduled at no cost. To cancel or reschedule your appointment simply login to HealthBank and click on 'Appointments' and 'View Booking Details', you will then be able to reschedule or cancel the appointment. For more information click here.  

Any cancellations that occur within the 24hr period will result in a cancelled booking fee, which will be equal to 50% of the consultation fee for that booking. The credit card booking fee charged by our payment provider is not refundable. Patients who make a booking and subsequently fail to attend (and have not contacted us to cancel their appointment), will forfeit their consultation fee, and will not be refunded. 


Private Insurance does not currently cover health coaching, hence the appointment will be privately billed. 


All your details are kept private. Appointment notes, patient forms and history are stored securely with HealthBank. 

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