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  • Dr James Muecke – Australian of the Year 2020 Social Entrepreneurship, Diabetes & Resilience

    Dr James Muecke is an ophthalmic surgeon and ophthalmologist. James has also been recognized for his work globally, particularly in South East Asia, and has been awarded the Australian of the Year for 2020. We talk about social entrepreneurship, what that actually means. Nutritional guidelines, diabetes and the importance of awareness, accountability and action.

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  • Dr Ron Ehrlich
    Dr Ron Ehrlich – Public Health, Polarisation and the Ultimate Story of Reconciliation

    Today I am going to talk about 3 different stories. The first is about COVID and the hope around Vitamin C, the second is about the polarisation that has been front and centre of our minds and the third is about reconciliation between two seemingly different people whom we found out are quite the same and both ultimately human (as we all are).

    NB. Please note I do mention statistics around suicide and said 800million suicides per year but what I meant to say is 800,000 globally.

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  • Dr Ron Ehrlich – Root Canal Revealed

    Root Canal Treatment is is a subject which seems to cause a lot of controversy in the dental and the health world and seems to be poorly understood by the public and by many health practitioners. Join me as I discuss from my dental perspective firstly about what root canal treatment is. Secondly, about how you define a clinically well-done root canal treatment, what some of the complications are, what some of the alternatives are.

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  • James Nestor – Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

    Journalist James Nestor joins me to discuss his book "Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art". We look at nasal breathing, crooked teeth, the nervous system and heart rate. An episode of interest to anyone that breaths.

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