Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

Has the need ever been greater?

It would seem that the “evidence” suggests that the billions of dollars spent since 1975 on the war on cancer may not be working that well. What is going on in the world of cancer could also be true for heart disease (still the no.1 killer in Western world), diabetes and many other degenerative diseases.

Listen: Dr. Ron Ehrlich interviews Prof. David O. Carpenter. Post continues after audio.

“WORLDWIDE cases of cancer are likely to rise nearly 75 per cent by 2030, driven by demographic and lifestyle factors, according to a study published in the journal The Lancet Oncology………In many countries, falls in deaths linked to infection have been offset by cancers of the colon, rectum, breast and prostate which are associated with a ”Westernised” diet..”

According to every credible assessment of what causes degenerative diseases in our society, time and again nutritional factors and environmental toxins are implicated as causative. Its nicely covered in the WHO report of 2002….Its nothing new, we’ve known it for years.

Yet our healthcare (or rather disease-managment) system is so focused on managing disease and rewarding the delivery system for it, that focusing on causality, prevention and healing are often overlooked.

The fundamental task of uncovering the cause of diseases has been usurped increasingly by efforts to relieve signs and symptoms, with the misguided supposition that symptom relief is equivalent to problem resolution.

Listen: Dr. Ron Ehrlich interviews Prof. Fred Provenza. Post continues after audio.

Has there ever been a more urgent need to arm the medical profession and our health system with nutritional and environmental medicine? To do otherwise condemns our society to huge financial and personal costs.

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