004 Dr Gary Fettke – Controlling Insulin is Key

According to the World Health Organisation over 70% of all diseases in our modern world are preventable……I actually think that figure is conservative. I believe it is even higher than that!

Whether you’re talking about the Food Pyramid, which was launched in the Western world in 1992. The ‘pyramid’ then morphed into My Food Plate, in the 2000s….and in Australia is now the Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines, the advice has been pretty standard. The foundation of a ‘healthy diet’ is grain/carbohydrate based and ‘most importantly’ low fat, particularly demonising saturated fats from animals and of course, cholesterol.

Dr Gary Fettke’s advice is different; low carbohydrate and healthy fats. He has an interesting insight into how this all came about and what he refers to as ‘medical evangelism’.

Insulin plays a key role in our health, across all diseases, and the lower the better. Now, given the epidemic of these preventable chronic degenerative diseases, and given that most carbohydrates break down quickly to sugars, causing spikes in insulin, it would seem that we have a big problem.

How did this come about and what should we do about it?

This is a subject that affects us all.

Dr Ron
Dr Ron

Dr Ron Ehrlich, or ‘Dr Ron’ as he is affectionately known, is one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates, educators and a holistic dentist. Dr Ron also hosts a free weekly podcast called “Unstress with Dr Ron Ehrlich” and is the author of, “A Life Less Stressed: the 5 pillars of health and wellness”.