The Great Food Con

The Great Food Con

Can a vegan diet actually make you (and the world) worse? was published in the June 18-19 2022 edition of the AFR Weekend and is a great read (pictured below).

The article interviews and quotes Jayne Buxton who wrote The Great Plant-Based Con: Why eating a plants-only diet won’t improve your health or save the planet; definitely a book I’m going to pick up. 

It would seem that many well-meaning people are unwittingly becoming foot soldiers for an industry that has demonised meat and equated all things plant-based with being environmentally friendly and ethically sound.

 Source: AFR Weekend 18-19 June 2022.


Industrial Agriculture

Let’s be clear; industrial animal agriculture is cruel and unconscionable.

But as Holistic Management inspiration Allan Savory says…“don’t blame the resource, focus on how it is managed”.

What is good for the animal, is good for us as humans, and good for the planet. We all have one bad day in our lives.

Animals have been part of our evolutionary journey for millions of years…it’s how our brains got bigger than our ape cousins.

Well-managed regenerative farming

Utilising animals can regenerate soil in a few years….it takes nature hundreds of years to ‘grow’ an inch(2.5cm) of soil.

The ‘plant-based foods’ will be to the 21st century what processed food was to the 20th century. 

But this time we have environmentally-conscious and ethically-driven citizens who will be championing the cause outlined by the World Economic Forum and delivering control and huge profits to fuel The Great Reset.

We can do better.