HEALTHY BITE | Trust the Science??

Welcome to another Healthy Bite. This week's episode was with Gill McEwen who has extensive in history experience in both the pharmaceutical and vitamin supplement industry. Starting as a sales rep at 21 years of age for the pharmaceutical industry, then going on to be involved in education within that industry before moving to Group Director Of Education at Blackmores. It was interesting to hear Gill’s experience as a sales rep in her early years with big Pharma. The overwhelming message was ‘ she wouldn’t sell anything she didn’t truly believe in’. I think most medical practitioners would say the same about pharmaceutical products they prescribe for their patients…. trusting the ‘science’… but the question is….can we … trust the science?

Trust the Science??

Well, this week’s guest was Gill McEwen, and Gill is the Group Director of Blackmores, that’s a vitamin company in Australia but has extensive experience through some major pharmaceutical companies like Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer, both as sales reps and in education. I just wanted to get a gentle snapshot and respectful snapshot of how that works, and I thought it was an interesting insight and I thought overwhelmingly, the message is I won’t sell anything unless I believe in it, and this dovetails into a message of trust the science. 

This raises a whole issue about that science and that’s what I really wanted to deal with today because one of the things that have surprised me, frustrated me, shocked me, befuddled me, I can’t even think of the words to describe it sometimes, is our response to this pandemic. 

Comorbidities and Improving Immune Function

When it started, I thought, Okay, we’ve got a virus that we really don’t know its virulence, and so it’s appropriate that we should be cautious. I immediately saw that this was a threat more to people with co-morbidities. I think the statistics I’ll share with you later kind of confirm that people with co-morbidities are by far, by far the major, those people that suffer potentially from the complications of or die from this virus. 

Sadly, you know, there are a lot of co-morbidities out there in the world. Remember, co-morbidities are cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions – that is the body attacking itself. There are almost 100 autoimmune conditions. There is also obesity, of course, also makes you more susceptible.

Comorbidities are the real and present danger. It’s an opportunity for us to reflect and focus on improving immune function. But we’ve heard none of that, although, at the end of this, I will share with you world-first advice coming from a government. But I’m getting ahead of myself because I just have not been able to understand the level of discourse, or lack of discourse that’s going on. 

The fact that vaccinations are the only solution, apparently. Vaccinations have played an important role throughout human history in health. There’s no doubt about that. I was at school at a time when there were kids in my class with callipers because they suffered from polio. Well, polio is no longer a problem. Smallpox, cholera, measles, mumps, rubella. 

These are all that have responded well to vaccines and we know vaccines are relatively safe because the type of modality that has gone on for the last 40 or 50 years is one of a system of either protein or viral vector, which has been injected, and that allows the body to launch an immune response, and those proteins and viral vectors float around in our bloodstream. 

About Vaccines

The new vaccines, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, are new technology, I know that AstraZeneca has often said, “Oh no, that technology’s been around for a long time”, but they’re talking about using adenovirus in that technology and adenoviruses have been around for a while but the difference in both of these “vaccines” is that for the first time in human history, a drug has been injected into a human being which enters the cell of a human with messenger RNA or DNA, and starts to produce a protein within that cell that then launches an immune response. 

Now maybe that’s getting too technical for some people, but the important thing for you to know is this: All vaccines are not the same. They have been up until this point but this is new. 

When we have a new technology, it stands to reason that they should be an open and honest debate about its efficacy and its side effects. Now I’m amazed, I’m shocked, in fact, at how little debate there has been and how little information there has been about improving immune function and any suggestion about early treatment by using cheap, repurposed drugs have been shut down right across the board. 

Not just by those drug companies that you would expect would be resistant to that because there are far more expensive drugs coming onto the market and why undermine the possibility of making a profit with cheap, even if they are effective, drugs far better to demonise them and shut down all discussion about it? 

I, for the life of me, have not been, I have understood why pharma would do that, but I just can’t understand why governments would do that. I can’t understand why media outlets who I formerly respected place things like The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The BBC, The ABC, every television station, CNN, you name it.

I mean, I’m amazed at this almost universal shutting down of any conversation which contradicts the narrative about vaccines. I wanted to share with you a couple of things that I’ve come across in the last few days and weeks or so, the kind of, sheds a lot of light onto this story, and they may not seem connected, but they most definitely are.

Communicating with Public

The first one was a great discussion I heard on the Joe Rogan podcast, which is now on Spotify. Not that Joe Rogan needs me to do advertisements for him, but I do enjoy listening to him sometimes. I mean, I find the three or four-hour episodes challenging. I do, as a podcaster, marvel at his ability in the art of conversation and I think that’s really what it’s all about. One of the latest episodes was this one with some, where was it? It was with Tristan Harris and Daniel Schmachtenberger talk about, is a former Google design ethicist, co-founder, and president of the Centre for Humane Technology.

Now, if you are not familiar with the Centre for Humane Technology, I would encourage you to look at it because I think it’s a really important concept. nd I’m such a huge fan of Tristan Harris and more recently, Daniel Schmachtenberger, who is the founding member of The Consilience Project. There’s something about aimed at improving public sense-making and dialogue. Well, if ever we needed to initiatives, these two guys are it, and it’s a wonderful episode that I think actually his last email, if you join Tristan Harris, I thought his email really summarised the episode very well, and there were so many takeaways here about how sophisticated the technology is becoming, and he makes the point.

He quotes E.O. Wilson as saying, “We have Palaeolithic brains with mediaeval structures in place governments and yet we have godlike technology, which we are barely keeping pace with.” And he makes reference to not just the ability to communicate via social media, but to produce programmes and to do genetic changes. 

Using CRISPR and using AI to write programmes, which is putting God-like powers into every person’s hand. And this is incredibly challenging for us. Interestingly, two billion Facebook accounts are deleted every quarter because AI bots or trolls are just constantly being produced to take us down a rabbit hole. And let’s face it, we are all clickbait. 

While the internet is free, we sacrifice data and our data provides social media companies with more and more knowledge about us, which puts up ads, which draws us into a whole cycle of purchasing, creating fear division, and then retail therapy seem like a great outlet, and you only have to look at the redistribution of wealth during the time of this pandemic, which I’ll come to later as an example of how this business model works. 

I thought that was really interesting to lay the foundations and articulate something which I know is happening. You only have to look at how polarised the world has become and to understand that, and we need to be aware of that more than ever before.

When it gets to the point that artificial intelligence knows us better than we know ourselves, that’s a dangerous situation to be in and it certainly does. I mean, it remembers everything I’ve ever purchased. It remembers every photo I’ve ever taken, wherever I’ve ever been. Every film I’ve ever seen or bought online or viewed online. already knows so much more about me than probably I know about myself. So this is why knowing yourself has never been more important in human history. But I digress.

Then I listened to another wonderful, here I am advertising different podcasts, but hey, what the hell this is all about improving communication. Russell Brand is quite a force intellectually and he has four and a half million followers. I’d love to have four and a half million followers. In fact, I’m inspired by guys like that. He recently did a post that looked at which discussed this very important topic, and that sheds some light onto what why this is such a coordinated, why this is such a coordinated effort across the board through all the media outlets.

Here we go. “‘ Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets.’ Sifting through over 30,000 grants in the company’s database. MintPress that’s worth looking at, I think, can reveal that the Gates Foundation has bankrolled hundreds of media outlets and ventures to the tune of at least $319 million.” Now, as you read through this, and if you are looking at this on YouTube, you might want to pause it at various points. 

I mentioned to you that when I see media outlets that I trust to do used to trust receiving $12,951,391, as an example, the Guardian and, The Conversation. Wow. There’s another I hope, I’m not sure, I can’t believe that’s The Conversation in Australia, but maybe it is. And Le Monde, BBC, CNN, The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Punch, Minnesota Public Radio, I mean, PBS. 

There are other ventures which you know, this is about training journalists for the future. International Centre for Journalists. The Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting. I mean, this influence is unbelievable. Well, perhaps not. John Hopkins. The keepers of COVID data, by the way, John Hopkins. The University of California, Berkeley, Rhodes University, European Journalists Centre $20M. It goes on a New America, The Sesame Workshop. Gee, I hope that’s not Sesame Street and it goes on and a lot more. 314.

It even goes into the fact and has this the programming that Gates has intervened with to change storylines in popular shows like E.R. and Law and Order SVU. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnership with Viacom, CBS, the company that controls CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, noted that the Gates Foundation was paying the entertainment giant to insert information and public service announcements into the programming.

It’s quite a story. It’s quite a shocking story. It goes quite a long way to help us understand what is going on here. In most coverage, Bill Gates donations are broadly broadcaster’s altruistic gestures. Yet many have pointed to the inherent flaws in this model, noting that allowing billionaires to decide what they do with their money allows them to set public agendas, giving them enormous power over society.

You know, we really have a problem here, Houston. We really have a problem here, Houston, and let me just show you what The Guardian does with that kind of, you know, what sort of stories could it generate? Here’s one from The Guardian titled Saint Bill. Here’s another one from the Guardian. 

Ivermectin Story

This really struck me because if you haven’t been following the ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine story, which I’ll come back to in a moment, then you are probably subject to this kind of media coverage. “‘A human is not a horse. So why is livestock drug? Why is a livestock drug sweeping America?’ There is scant evidence that ivermectin is in either livestock or human formulations can treat or prevent COVID, but that hasn’t stopped right-wing pundits and conservative politicians promoting it.”.

Honestly, I’ve never been a right-wing pundit or a conservative supporter, so but when I read this from The Guardian, Oh my God. But then when I see Bill Gates giving $12 million to The Guardian, it kind of starts to make sense. Why would a drug that was awarded you’ll never read this in this article, by the way, but ivermectin was awarded the Nobel Prise in medicine in 2015 for humans, for human consumption? 

And if you go on to the World Health Organisation site, you will learn that it has been given not just as an anti-parasitic, but has also been given as an antiviral successfully for many years. In fact, four billion doses have been given and a total of 5,000 adverse reactions have been recorded without any deaths.

Now I’ll repeat that again. Over the last 40 years, four billion doses have been given, with 5000 adverse reactions. We’ll come back to adverse reactions a little bit later on. But here is a drug that is cheap, safe, effective, accessible, and it is being shut down similarly with hydroxychloroquine will come to that in a moment. And why? Well, it’s about emergency use authorities. As you will know, all of the vaccine companies have been given emergency use authorities, which absolve them of any liability.

Now, Big Pharma does not have a great track record on this. In fact, so many companies, I’ve done podcasts on this before, if you go back and look at the Elephant in the Room, I will go into it in a little more detail. But so many of these drug companies have been found to be fraudulent and use illegal marketing, which has resulted in tens and hundreds of millions and in some cases in billions of dollars worth of fines. 

Those companies include Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Guess, GlaxoSmithKline. These have all had hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars worth of funds, and much worse than that, they have literally cost tens of thousands and as you will see in several cases, hundreds of thousands of lives.

These are the companies that are producing the vaccines using new untested technology. This isn’t about vaccinations or not vaccinations, this is about big pharma using new technology for which they have no liability. Because if drugs like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin or something as simple as Vitamin D, Zinc, or Vitamin C were effective, then you cannot give a company emergency use authority. 

A company would then have to go through the four or five years that are typically used at best to produce a vaccine. Here we have. Media influence shutting down all discussion about early interventions, which could undermine the use of emergency use authorities. 

There we have. Now, more recently, a new book has come out written by Robert Kennedy Jr.. Now Robert Kennedy Jr. has written a book called: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. Now, this is a huge book, 900pages, it’s got an awful lot to say. 

And if you buy it online, which I did, I like buying these kinds of books online because there are over 2000 references. They’re all hyper-, almost all hyperlinks, so you can read them. But the observations about Anthony Fauci, the man who is literally leading the Western world’s COVID pandemic response through the USA, make for some very sobering reading. There are some very sobering facts.

Anthony Fauci has been leading public health in America for the last 40 years. In case you are not aware, America over the last 40 years has gone from having one of the best health in the world to now having the worst health in the world. In fact, America spends almost 20% of its GDP on health care. 

Now, to put that into perspective, most countries spend between 5 and 10%. Maximum of the other countries would spend nine or 10% of their GDP on health. Australia spends around 9 or 10% of its GDP. In America, they spend almost 20% of their GDP on health care, and they have the worst health in the world.


In fact, 5% of the world’s population, America, takes 50% of the world’s psychotropic drugs. America’s use of drugs is phenomenal, and if you are wanting an insight into that, let’s put the vaccines in the current pandemic aside, I would highly recommend that you look at or read the book Dopesick, which tracks the OxyContin or the opioid crisis in America. 

When you realise that the collusion that went on between the FDA, the Federal Drug Administration, which drives so much of the world health agenda, certainly in the western world that can afford expensive drugs, you start to realise what a fiasco this is. It deals with OxyContin.

Let me just talk about OxyContin for a moment. It is a very strong opioid that was marketed as non-addictive because it had a protective coating around it that released the opioid over a 12-hour period and was supposedly nonaddictive.

Now, almost every doctor knows that opioids are very addictive, so this was a huge surprise. But what made it more insidious? What made it more actually evil is that the only word you can describe is that the FDA allowed a label to be put on OxyContin, which had had never been done on any other drug, on that strong opioid drug was written: ‘This drug is not addictive.’ This drug is not addictive, and interestingly, I mean, it most certainly was addictive, and it was released in the late 90s. 

It was eventually, I think it was revealed in around the mid-2000s, the company, Purdue was fined hundreds of millions of dollars, and eventually, the family that owns Purdue, which I think is now being shut down, has paid four or five or six or even $8 billion in compensation. It has 13, 14, $15 billion in assets. So really a minor marketing problem. But much, much worse than that is that literally five at least 500000 people died because of it. 

And right up until last year, this opioid crisis is still going on in America. The FDA put a label on it, allowed OxyContin, Purdue, the manufacturers to put a label on it, which said this drug was not addictive, even though it most clearly was. The executive at the FDA, who approved that, left shortly after the approval was given. Left the FDA and joined Purdue, the company, as a senior executive on a very high and on a very high salary.

Pseudo Addiction (Drug Addiction)

Now what’s also interesting about this story is that it also, in order to fight the obvious, which was this drug is addictive, it invented a new term called ‘pseudo addiction’. This will give you an example of how mainstream media gets swept in this trust the science idea, because ultimately when we say trust the science, it’s a great concept. But to trust the science isn’t necessarily that trustworthy when the regulatory bodies in the companies are colluding, and our best interest is not at the top of the agenda.

A story was developed called Pseudoscience, and it gained almost the pseudoaddiction, and it gained almost universal acceptance to overcome the fact that it actually was very addictive and it was embraced right across the medical community. Regulatory bodies, the FDA. It even got into the journals. Time magazine ran a programme on it. 

One of the most respected, two most respected journals, Nature and Scientific America, said the article was well-referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine about Pseudoscience. Well, when the investigation was mounted to find the article, which you might have thought people would have read, they couldn’t find the article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the article that had been constantly referenced, and it turned out that the article wasn’t an article. 

It was actually a five-line letter to the editor of the clinician, who was proposing that in some instances, the addiction may not be everything it’s supposed to be, and that was the full extent of the trust in the science.

I mentioned that to you because when you look at the influence and you look at collusion and you look at how, you know, we all want to trust the science, it’s not quite as straightforward as that. Look, this is not a conspiracy. This is just business. It runs the business of everything. It’s the business, not just of health care, it’s the business of social media. It’s the business of data collection to get a better target for online marketing and ultimately for sales. 

This is where economic rationalism is taken us, a market-driven economy combined with political lobbying develops what’s called a revolving door relationship between politicians and regulators. Within corporations, one feeding off the other, in a return on investment loop where well-paid positions with companies in the individual, its reward, where company profit, shareholder return, and executive bonuses are kings.

It’s a business model. It’s what drives our modern world. So I digress. Back to the impact of media and the USA and WHO health policy pushing out global vaccination as the only solution. No mention of immune function. Suppression of early treatment and hydroxychloroquine is an example. I mean, Donald Trump, my goodness. 

I can’t believe I’m saying anything positive about Donald Trump, but he did mention hydroxychloroquine as a cheap alternative and, yes, an effective treatment. If you look at the infection rates in the low-income countries that cannot afford expensive drugs like Remdesivir, which was just fast-tracked through approval and is $3000 a dose and all it does is reduce your ICU by a few days. Your time in ICU goes from 14 days to 10 days with the wisdom of it, but it’s $3000 a pop. That was approved straight away.

Ivermectin was rubbished because Merck, the company, was not really interested. Why? Because they were developing something called Molnupiravir, which is around $300-$400 a pop as opposed to ivermectin, which is $2-$3 a pop. And ivermectin happens to be a little more effective than molnupiravir, but molnupiravir is patented. 

We, as consumers, as humans, are there to consume the new patented medication and be involved in the trial. If it causes deaths or problems, we’ll take that up in court later. It’s a marketing expense. Interesting case. That’s how, yes, the FDA approved things like OxyContin.

But how about this? A woman had to actually take a hospital to court because it wouldn’t use ivermectin. Look, I’m getting too emotional about this, but here it is anyway. A man near death recovered from COVID over the weekend after an Illinois court ordered the hospital to treat him with ivermectin. 

This guy travelled from Hong Kong and to visit his daughter in Illinois, and he contracted COVID and was very ill and was put on a ventilator. His daughter was has got a Ph.D. in Chemistry and she thought, “Well, I will get ivermectin for him, but the hospital refused to do it, even though the doctor that was being treated, the doctor was willing to treat the patient with ivermectin, but the hospital wouldn’t allow it. 

The woman literally had to take the hospital to court to allow them to give ivermectin. Now, this guy is dying on a ventilator. Nothing else is going to happen. What goes on in a doctor’s mind that says, “No, we’re not giving him ivermectin.”? What can possibly go on in that doctor’s mind? I don’t know how a doctor could live like that. Live with themselves after that. 

But the story goes that the patient was given ivermectin taken off the ventilator within a few hours, recovered within two days, and is now fully recovered. A man on death’s door. So that’s just an example of what we’re talking about. So, so you know, we have these I had these podcasts with Joe Rogan. This story coming out about Bill Gates, which makes a whole lot more sense to me now about why the main media is so against, you know, the narrative is so uniform across the board and any discussion about alternatives is shut down.

Omicron Virus

Then I joined the group this week called Parents With Questions. These are parents who are concerned that our children are now being lined up for vaccinations. I mean, this morning I read these two stories: 13th Omicron case, so 13 cases have now been identified in Australia and that spurs cause calls for children to be vaccinated. 

Now how you can make that mental leap is beyond belief. But here it is in The Australian Financial Review, a subsidiary of The Herald, and here is the story in The Herald, which says: Green lights for kids’ jabs likely within days. Now, I think we need to pause here and just reflect on a few important facts. I started by saying co-morbidities are what predispose you. In fact, as far as I understand, over 90% of deaths globally occur in people with three, somewhere between three and four co-morbidities. 

Remember co-morbidities? Cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and obesity. So, you know, people who have co-morbidities are more susceptible. Kids have practically zero, zero health risks.

I mean, in my own family, my daughter was expecting her third child just a few weeks ago, and it was a planned CS for various reasons. My son-in-law, who was on the Novavax trial, hadn’t been vaccinated, but they were all very healthy because they’d been preparing for this pregnancy and they’ve been supported immune function, et cetera, et cetera. 

Everything was going seemingly, but they went to my six-year-old granddaughter’s tennis camp, and she was told she was in close contact with somebody who had COVID. So they tested, and it turned out the whole family had COVID. This was the night before they went in, we’re going in for a Caesarean. And so my son-in-law couldn’t go in with his wife because he was positive.

My wife went in and accompanied her, and my wife was double vaxxed. In fact, she just received the second dose the day before because we kind of suspected that this could be a problem and no one was allowed into the hospital unless they were double vaxxed, so my wife was double vaxxed, and I’ve already said why I became, I did go down that path. 

You know, we won’t digress at this point. But as someone who’s never had a flu vaccine, I decided to take a hit for the team. If the vaccines were what was going to get society back to normal and get people in hospitality, education, tourism, you name it, you know, anybody out there working in retail or with a shop or a small business needed to get back to normal, then a vaccination rate had to be done. Anyway, I digress.

They went into hospital and they were fine. They were fine. I mean, they had a beautiful little boy. The little boy’s healthy and all the kids are healthy. They had no signs of any COVID complications. When I hear that vaccines are being mandated, not just vaccines are being mandated, forget the word vaccine for a moment. 

New untried technology on humans is being now approved for use on children aged 5-11, and they’re even talking about infants as well. This is a whole different story. I don’t mind as a 66-year old taking a hit for the team, that’s one thing I can go and live with that, and I understand I’m part of a clinical trial and I boost my immune function through high Vitamin D levels and Zinc and Magnesium and blah blah blah. I have ivermectin available to myself if I want. If I contract the problem, you know, that’s fine. I’m going to be looking after myself.

But to think that this is now the narrative coming out without any discussion and when we hear politicians like the Northern Territory, chief minister. Chief Minister Gunner talking in such an aggressive way that if you’re not vaccinated, then you’re an anti-vaxxer. If you don’t support vaccine mandates, you’re a pariah, you should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. 

I’m not going to go to that now because it’s just too upsetting, but when I hear politicians like that talking as passionately about it and look, I don’t believe he’s a bad guy. I believe he just trusts the science.

This is the thing – everybody wants the best. I don’t believe that any of the politicians… Look, I suffer from chronic over-optimism and enthusiasm, and maybe this is over-optimistic, but I honestly believe that people want the best and they want certainty and if the certainty comes by trusting the science, then you will passionately, passionately advocate for that. 

But my point in this podcast is: CAN WE TRUST THE SCIENCE? That is the question and if the history of evidence is anything to go by, then my conclusion is NO, WE CANNOT. And when I see my granddaughter being, you know, likely to be vaccinated, I ask an important question, Can we trust the science? This is a really important question.

Let me just share with you this fact. Remember, I said ivermectin has been given for 40 or 50 years now? Four billion doses, WHO says 5000 adverse reactions? If you go onto the TGA site, you will know the figures that are available up to September 2021. Now, remember, these vaccines have only become available really since the beginning of this year, so we’re now talking nine months at best, maybe 10 or even if it was, let’s say, a year. This has been going for a year, right? Remember ivermectin, four billion doses, 5000 adverse reactions.

To date reported on the TGA site. AstraZeneca has had 35,441 adverse reactions, and Pfizer has had 23,434 adverse reactions. What about the precautionary principle? Since when have we put our children up for participants in a clinical phase three trial of new experimental technology? I’m not talking about vaccinations here. I’m okay with vaccinations. That’s fine if you want to give a kid a flu vaccine using a protein vector, viral vector the way all vaccines are being delivered over the last 40 or 50 years, go for it. I don’t deny that. 

In fact, Novavax, which is going to be approved hopefully in the next few weeks, is such a vaccine. And I would say, Okay, look. OK, if parents are favourable of vaccines and they want to give their child that, go down that path and give them Novavax. Why would you put your child into a clinical trial using technology? I mean, honestly, guys, spare me. Spare me. It’s the wrong question. The question is, are you going to vax your child or not. The (right) question is, are you willing to put your child in phase three clinical trial for experimental technology? 

I just can’t help but question. What is going on here with our independent fourth estate media? It’s just not happening. As I said, is a market-driven economy. I was actually interested at the beginning of this pandemic to see what the vaccine market was before this all started, and I think it was somewhere around 39 or $40 billion a year in 2019, and it was projected to increase to about $45 billion in the following year. 

This was before the pandemic had arisen. So just hold that figure there for a moment. It was about $40 billion a year. It was projected to increase to $45 billion. It’s sobering to note that Pfizer alone has made something like $35 billion since it started producing its vaccine this year, so far only within nine months. So it’s quite a leap. It’s quite a leap.

The key is an early treatment for COVID

Another thing is that we kind of think, “Oh well, you know if you get COVID, you’re going to be hospitalised.” I think of something like 50% of people think that if you get COVID, it’s almost immediately hospitalised. It’s worth remembering most people who get COVID don’t even know they get it. 

It’s worth remembering that only somewhere between one and four percent of people go to the hospital. It’s worth remembering that 96% of deaths globally have occurred in people with an average of somewhere between three and four co-morbidities. It’s worth remembering that children have almost zero effect, zero effect of COVID, and it just needs to be put in perspective. 

And the key? The key is early treatment. It’s one thing to feel unwell and yes, go and get tested. But if you come back positive. Treat early. Up your Vitamin D. Up your Vitamin C, Zinc, your Quercetin, your Magnesium. They’re all really important. We did an interview with Dr. Thomas Levy about using hydrogen peroxide as in nebuliser. Ivermectin, you know, ivermectin taken in a protocol on the Front Line Critical Care (FLCCC), they give you a very good protocol, which is up to date and well-researched ivermectin. 

The early treatment will almost ensure that you will be safe and if you have a vaccine great, have a vaccine. I really don’t care if you have or haven’t. The reason you have a vaccine is to reduce your chance of being hospitalised, and we could question that. That is what the literature tells us. I’m willing to accept that, but you know, that is why you, as a vaccinated person, can still contract the virus and you can still most definitely transmit it. That’s very important. We know we love certainty.

Look, the number one priority, if the number one priority was really public health, we would be promoting good immunity. So how about this for a website? Now, this is the Australian government website, and I’m going to share with you some really breaking news here. Can you boost… This is health direct, free Australian health advice you can count on. Can you boost your immune system against COVID? This was… Do vitamin pills work? No, they do not. 

It’s much better to get all your nutrients from a balanced diet. Well, good luck with that. Vitamin C is a waste of time. It’ll just be water-soluble. It means while it means it’s not lethal, you’ll literally be it go down the toilet and what did I say about vitamin D, one of the most important vitamins to keep you out of ICU and keep you healthy? Vitamin D, in fact, can be toxic, so get more sleep – I agree with that. Clean your phone – is very important and don’t feel anxious. 

This is endorsed by every state government in Australia, every state government, and the federal government in Australia. When you look at Bill Gates media influence, helping journalists be trained and making sure that ads appear in various platforms interfering even with the programming of ER and Law and Order, one can only imagine. What about that BBC? BBC was also the, they also got some – Oh, hang on, I’m running ahead of myself – BBC… That’s the Australian government. BBC: “‘Can boosting your immune system protect you?’ Forget kombucha and trendy vitamin supplements – they’re nothing more than magic potions for the modern age.” So do you need to read any more than that? Also to me, it’s just a shocker. It’s a shocker.

I wanted to share with you this world first. As far as I’m aware, this is the first government directive which has, which is promoting a message — Healthier you. Where is it coming from? Florida Health. Florida’s innovative response includes statewide and grassroots initiatives to educate on the treatment and prevention of COVID 19. 

This is a world-first breakthrough focus on bringing it to you hot off the press because what are they suggesting? Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Quercetin, which improve your uptake of zinc. Optimise your health. Isn’t it great to see that in Florida, home of the Donald, I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true? It is so true. What is going on here? I think, you know, I wanted to share that with you as a world breakthrough, but I wanted to finish on a positive note because I think one of the things…

Well, let me just before I finish on a positive note, one other thing I did want to share with you. There has been a huge redistribution of wealth through this pandemic. One estimate is and it’s true, I think the top one percent which is wealthy in this world have done okay through this pandemic. There’s no doubt about that. 

But the top, the real billionaires, the social, the people that own social media, the Gates, the Musks, the Jeff Bezoses, the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Jack Dorseys, these people who have increased their wealth, by one estimation, is something like $3.5 trillion. Where has that come from? From ordinary wage workers, in small businesses, in retail, in tourism, in airlines, in, you know, right across the board other than those on social media and those in the pharmaceutical industry and those that are on online retail. They are the winners in all of this and divide and conquer is a very powerful way to make people feel scared.

I do want to finish on a positive note, and here it is. The thing that has made us more different than any other species, Homo sapiens. We should be called, I think the one is, we cooperate, we cooperate. We collaborate and cooperate in a way like no other species. That’s why we got on top of the much bigger, more powerful with a bigger brain Neanderthals. That’s why Homo sapiens prevailed. We cooperated and collaborated, and that’s what makes us stronger. And that’s what makes this period of lockdown so insidious. It drives us into our homes, it makes us fearful, it isolates us, and it undercuts our greatest strength – our ability to come together and collaborate. 

I believe when we get back out there in the real world, we’re going to reflect in six months’ time and think, Wow, was that a crazy time? No one’s going to be interested as to whether you’re vaccinated or not, because no one will want to talk about it because being together and being one is so much more important to our overall well-being socially, emotionally, physically, and financially. Maybe not for the trillionaires, they’re now trillionaires, not maybe for the billionaires and trillionaires, but for the other 99.9% of us that just want to get on with life and be together and enjoy life.

For an individual? Here’s the message that pervades everything we do on this podcast. Control what you can control and it is so much you can control as the world we live in becomes increasingly more complex. It’s our belief on this Unstress Podcast and Healthy Bites that while the world becomes more complex, the solutions are remarkably simple, accessible, achievable, and cheap, and effective. 

Be the best you can be. That’s overall the message. I think where we will emerge from this, hopefully, a happier and healthier society. I think we’ve got a bit of pain to get through first, but let’s stick together. Let’s keep the avenues of communications open. Let’s share them openly and honestly. Until next time.


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