The story of how the 4 things that protected us and made us great, is now the 4 greatest challenges to our health in our modern world.

A keynote highlight of Dr Ron’s A Life Less Stressed: The five pillars of health and wellness.

Evolution-Bites-Back Outline

Keynote Summary:

Dr Ron explores four key drivers that have protected homo sapiens (us) from the beginning of time, set us apart from the rest of nature and served us so well throughout our evolution.

In today’s modern world – what has been our strengths have come back to bite us. They are the common denominators in almost every chronic degenerative disease and are perhaps our greatest challenge.

The keynote explores:

1) Stress: It protected us from dangers today chronic stress threatens our health. How do we redefine stress in our modern world in order to understand its impact on our health?  Outcome: Understanding stress in our modern world

2) Inflammation: It was our first line of defence but today chronic inflammation is common to all diseases. What causes it and how do we control it? Outcome: The key factors in minimising and reducing chronic inflammation

3) Food: Our search for food was central to our survival but today over consumption threatens our very existence. How do we ensure that what we are feeding our body is nourishing and not stressing us ?Outcome: Understanding the difference between nutritional stress and what foods nourish your body

4) Communication: Our ability to communicate and pass on knowledge is what has defined us as humans. But today our relationship with technology, social media and the 24-hour news cycle are addictive and polarising. How do we break the habit of digital addiction? Outcome: The key to harnessing technology and nurturing face-to-face relationships that have been shown to be the greatest predictor of longevity , health and wellness.


Dr Ron speaks to 650 people during The Wellness Summit at the Crown Plaza in Melbourne: